How To Get A Loan In Canada Even With A Bad Credit Score?

How to get loans in Canada

How to get a loan in Canada with a bad credit score is what most of the people wants to know.

A bad Credit score may totally affect your life when you need an emergency loan. Isn’t it? No, don’t panic. Here is something for those who are looking to get a loan with bad credit in Canada.

If you have ever been rejected by a loan agency or a credit card provided, declared bankruptcy, then you’re likely that you are one among over 1 million Canadians with a bad credit scores. You may think that you will never get a loan with bad credit in Canada. But don’t worry, we found plenty of loan lenders who are willing to approve bad credit loans in Canada.

Let us help you to get approved for a credit card or take out a loan like a mortgage or debt.

How to get a loan in Canada?

Here a few loan companies that offer a loan for bad credit in Canada.

EasyFinancial Loan Agency In Canada

EasyFinancial offers both secured and unsecured personal loans to Canadians despite having bad credit or previous bankruptcies.

Easy financial offers up to $15,000 as an unsecured bad credit personal loan and up to $25,000 when applying for a secured loan. With EasyFinancial you can rebuild your credit ranking by repaying on time.

Eligibility criteria to get loan from EasyFinancial Loan Agency.

You shall be above 18 years of age. Should be a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident. You should be employed for at least the past 2 months. Own a verified bank account.

Loan Away For Loans In Canada

Loan Away is known for its unsecured personal loans. LoanAway offers loans up to $5,000 for each and every need of yours. With Loan Away, you can extend your repayments across 36 months without any penalty charges. The application process of Loan Away takes less than 8 minutes.

Eligibility criteria to get loan

You should be at least 18 years or above. Should be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. No bankruptcy proceedings or previous consumer proposals. Employed at least for past 3 months.

Fast Track Lenders In Canada

One major struggle to get a loan is consumer proposal and bad credit score, but Marble Financial’s Fast Track Loan could help you rebuild credit score and pay back your creditors. Fast Track offers unsecured loans up to $15,000 to Canadians who are in the consumer proposal.

Eligibility criteria to get loans from Fast Track

• Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
• Be in Consumer Proposal

North Star Lenders In Canada

North Star provides fast-access personal loans for bad credit Canadians. This loan company offers loans for all personal purposes like a home renovation or even a medical surgery. They don’t run any credit check to approve the loan.

Eligibility criteria to get loan from North Star

It shall be valid account that is active for at least 3 months. Free of Bankruptcy proceedings. Same address for at least the past 6 months. Being paid through cheque or direct deposit

Questions you might be asked while applying for a loan.

How much debt you have at the time of applying. Your employment status like employed or self-employed. If you have anyone eligible to co-sign your loan. If you are currently going through bankruptcy.

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